Khabib NFT Collection by GoMining

Simple bitcoin-mining NFT created in collaboration with the MMA superstar
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Purchase an NFT from the Khabib Collection by GoMining, and gain exclusive access to Khabib's special events. By becoming an NFT owner, you'll have the chance to participate in one of these events (to be revealed at a later date). To join in, simply ensure that you possess the Khabib NFT Collection by GoMining in your crypto wallet. Get Limited Edition NFT
Energy Efficiency 35 W/TH
Computing Power 29 TH
Material Steel

Mine Bitcoins With the Khabib NFT Collection by GoMining


The NFTs are part of the real infrastructure of one of the largest mining companies in the world.

Limited Edition Series

This limited edition collection is the most profitable among GoMining’s NFTs.
This NFT collection is a unique partnership between MMA legend Khabib Nurmagomedov and a prominent mining company. The extraordinary series blends the world of bitcoin mining with Khabib's iconic image and elements from his remarkable life. Each NFT showcases stunning visuals of mining rigs decorated with Khabib's imagery, including his MMA belts, inspirational quotes, and other features handpicked by him. This one-of-a-kind collection seamlessly merges the realms of cryptocurrency and sports, offering enthusiasts an exclusive opportunity to own a piece of Khabib's legacy while delving into the world of bitcoin mining.

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Information For Those Who Want to Know MoreFAQ

How Can NFT Mine Bitcoins?

GoMining has data centers all over the globe.

As one of its products, it has created the world's first NFTs backed by the computing power of its fleet of devices. That is, by buying Khabib NFT Collection by GoMining, you get not only crypto art, but also 29 real-life terahashes. It is this scheme that allows every NFT by GoMining to mine bitcoins daily the day following their purchase.

What are the Specifications of These NFTs?

Each of these pieces of crypto art has a capacity of 29 TH/s and an energy efficiency of 35 W/TH. These parameters affect the number of bitcoins that the NFT can mine.

The higher the power, the greater your daily reward in Solo Mining mode and the higher the chances of winning in Pool Mining mode.

NFT by GoMining with an energy efficiency of 35 W/TH have the best annual profitability and correspond to real miners steeped in immersion fluid for improved performance.

What’s Our NFT Game?

All NFT by GoMining holders have a choice of 2 game modes:
Solo Mining with fixed payouts every day;
Pool Mining with dynamic payouts in case of victory.

The first mode is suitable for those who want to develop their mining empire and earn passively. The second is for those who like to compete and use different game mechanics to win. Pool mining is a clicker game. To take part, you need to either create your own or join someone else's pool.

Please note that it is NFT holders who decide which mode to play in. This decision can be changed at any time.

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Do You Want to Join Khabib’s Private Club and Mine BTC Everyday?

All of these NFTs are backed by a symbolic 29 TH/s — the same number of victories Khabib had in his professional fighting career. Perhaps this figure will be a lucky number for you too.